Common Errors

This page contains common error messages encountered when using the API.

Schema Validation

The value must be a valid URI reference.

If the schema property "$id" contains one or more whitespace characters, the schema validation will report the error such as "The value must be a valid URI reference".

Update your schema and make sure that all "$id" values do not contain whitespace characters.

The object must have a property whose name is "@ns:com:here:xyz".

During validation we will remove the field "@ns:com:here:xyz" containing tags, space ID, and a few other values from the properties. This is done to ensure that the JSON schema only checks user and not system generates properties.

This means that JSON Schema used for validation must not contain "" as a required property, because this property and its children will be removed before validation and only re-added afterwards.

The schema reference "/myschemafile.json"("http://mydomain/myschemafile.json") cannot be resolved.

HERE will not load resolve external schema definitions, even if the URL points to a valid (sub-)schema. Use the definitions keyword to merge multiple schema files into one.

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