Fleet Telematics Custom Routes Developer's Guide

Overlay Maps & Layers

As a customer, you can create, use and update multiple overlay maps. For example, one overlay map with changes for waste collection vehicles, and another map with changes for oversize transports.

In a routing request, one of these overlay maps can be specified and will override the map attributes and topology.

An overlay map contains multiple additions and overrides for individual road links.

Additions are new road links. Overrides are either changes to road link attributes (like speed, permitted vehicle type or driving direction), or additional access/turn restrictions on road links (like truck weight limit or truck length dependent turn restriction).

Overlay maps are organized in thematic layers that correspond to the Platform Data Extension API routing layers. Routing mainly relies on the Platform Data Extension API layers LINK_FCN, ROAD_GEOM_FCN, LINK_ATTRIBUTE_FCN, TURN_RESTR_FCN and TRUCK_RESTR_FCN.