Fleet Telematics Custom Routes Developer's Guide

Submit an Overlay

The user wants to create an overlay to modify parts of the road network, particularly close to the Alte Bruecke in Frankfurt, Germany and insert a new bridge to its West. This new bridge is limited to 3.3 tons.


The request

 GET http://cre.api.here.com/2/overlays/upload.json
  { "op":"override",
  { "op":"create",
  "data":{"NAMES":"ENGBNDemo Road"}
  { "op":"override",
  "data":{"VEHICLE_TYPES":"truck", "WEIGHT_RESTRICTION":"3300"}

Note: If your HTTP client doesn't URL-escape the brackets then you have to do it before sending.


The response confirms a successful overlay map upload with the 201 Created response code. Within a short time, the map is available for routing.
  "layers": [
  "response_code": "201 Created"