Fleet Telematics Custom Routes Developer's Guide

Custom Vehicle Types

In addition to standard vehicle types like car or truck, you can also use custom vehicle types. The steps below describe this process:
  • When you are modifying an overlay, override operations on the LINK_ATTRIBUTE_FCN layer can change the vehicle types that are allowed on this particular link. You can specify standard vehicle types like car or truck, and also custom vehicle types custom1, custom2, custom3, or custom4. Use a comma separated list to add custom vehicles in addition to standard vehicles.
  • For routing calls, the vehicle types custom1, custom2, custom3 or custom4 can be specified instead of, or in addition to (using a comma separated list), car or truck. Then the Routing API only uses the links that are allowed for (any of) the specified vehicle type(s).
  • If certain vehicles in your truck fleet are allowed to use certain links, but others are forbidden, then you can override the vehicle types of these links by allowing custom1, additionally. For routing calls, you can either specify mode=truck,custom1 so that the truck can use those links, or just specify mode=truck to get the normal behavior.