OAuth 2.0 Token Credentials

HERE Token Credentials conform to the OAuth 2.0 industry standard protocol for Bearer Access Tokens. HERE provides REST APIs to obtain these secure access tokens that may be used for up to 24 hours by your application for the purpose of authenticating requests to the HERE platform.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. In the developer portal, click your name and Projects, and select the project you want to develop. Then choose from the application types listed.
  2. Click Generate APP key. Your application is created and is identified by an APP ID.
  3. Click Create Credentials to generate a maximum of two Access Keys for your application. The Access Key is created and displayed in a pop-up window. Download and securely store the access key secret “credentials.properties” file at this time as instructed. You will now see the Access Key created for your app.

Sample content for “credentials.properties” file:

here.user.id = HERE-74aafdx5b-3db5-4e25-838d-6d7a08ax8a6
here.client.id = 4tjuu5ZdFjlyJx8K0IY
here.access.key.id = RZsKu84fNTyzxMQTWG5A
here.access.key.secret = TcdfGibIePs7CG0wrYfjViHGmsxuaC-AOIeKKjIF-zgNhn7wf06UA7nOZmKHKOMznqPpZ_Kw
here.token.endpoint.url = https://account.api.here.com/oauth2/token

Your application Access Key is now ready for use. For information on how to use Access Keys to obtain OAuth 2.0 Tokens for authenticating with HERE services, see Using Access Keys.

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