App Code Credentials

App code credentials will continue to be supported for a few products and current Developer Portal accounts where App code credentials have already been generated for an App. New accounts will only be able to use App Code credentials for some legacy products. App code credentials are the least secure of the authentication credential types and we recommend the use of the API Key or OAuth 2.0 Token credentials instead for improved security.

After you create an account, follow these steps:

  1. In the developer portal, click your name and Projects, and select the project you want to develop. Then choose from the application types listed.
  2. Click Generate App ID and App Code and a pop-up window is displayed with the App code Credentials.


The following example demonstrates authentication with the App Code Credentials, using the app_id/app_code parameters in a request URL.

Note: If you choose to update your credentials in the future, for example, with API key credentials, you can remove your App Code credentials by clicking Remove APP CODE credentials and use your new API key credentials in their place.

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