HERE SDK for Android (Premium Edition)
HERE Android SDK Release Notes

Resolved Issues

The following table summarizes major issues resolved in HERE Android SDK.

Table 1. Resolved Issues
# Description
1 Fixed temporary traffic vehicle restriction avoidance during offline routing.
2 Fixed rendering of the CompositeView.
3 Fixed crash in BaseTextureView class.
4 Fixed crash in MapPackageSelection.
5 Fixed crash in AudioPlayer.
6 Fixed cast exception in analitics.
7 Updated lookup-table regions according to the latest map data changes.
8 Fixed AR camera initialization after device rotation.
9 Improved MapMarker clicking logic.
10 Implement missing Android API to get offline maps update size.
11 Fixed rendering of the raster tile layer.
12 Fixed speed limit verification for traffic location.
13 Fixed issue with using LocationMethod for starting PositioningManager.
14 Implemented workaround for lane recomendations calculation without lanes connectivity info.
15 Implemented new route construction algorithm for no-through roads.
16 Implemented fallback to Latin name considering the language encoding changes for Myanmar and Cambodia.
17 Fixed precision for latitude and longitude when calculating FTCR route.
18 Fixed OutOfMemory exceptions while adding or removing multiple MapMarkers.