HERE SDK for Android (Premium Edition)

HERE Android SDK Release Notes

New Features

The following list contains new features in the current release of HERE Android SDK:


  • Improved 2D footprints coverage for Russia.
  • Added HERE Hazard Warnings service support as beta feature with North America and Europe coverage.
  • Extended routing options with the possibility to set balanced route type for truck routing.
  • Added Picture-In-Picture(PIP) mode support for MapFragment.
  • Added Navigation and Tracking mode support for buses on public transport roads.
  • Added ability to set lane assistance mode while Routing/Guidance.
  • Added route matching extention (RME) service support which allows to get the most probable route for a small set of GPS traces.
  • Added ability to show traffic on more than one Map instance.
  • Provided API to control alternative routes number.
  • Improved routing and navigation based on custom map data (Fleet Telematics Custome Route feature). Added maneuver action, direction and lane information to the routing response. Aligned API with common routing API and added following FTCR routing options:
    • Waypoint type (via or stopover);
    • Waypoint heading;
    • Waypoint restrictions (radius and penalty factor);
    • Left, right and u-turn turn avoidance;
    • U-Turn at waypoint;
    • Area to avoid;
    • Speed category;
    • Private streets usage mode;
    • Custom string parameter for online server.