Android & iOS SDKs

Build full-featured, native apps on Android and iOS with our mapping platform


Give your apps more reach with HERE Mobile SDKs

Build immersive native apps for iOS and Android that take full advantage of our powerful, flexible mapping platform.

A mix of street, 3D-building and venue maps
Satellite imagery
Enterprise features like fleet maps, truck attributes and congestion zones

Download PDF documentation for current and previous versions of HERE SDKs.


Premium Edition delivers vector-based map data, provides offline capabilities and comes with enterprise features, such as truck routing, navigation, fleet map, historical traffic patterns and congestion zone maps. Starter Edition is a wrapper that supports easy integration of HERE REST services on mobile devices displaying raster map tiles and providing an easy way to offer a basic, personalized location experience.

2D Map Tiles
2D / 3D Vector Maps
Satellite Imagery
Custom Raster tiles
Hybrid (Online/Offline) Maps with ODML
3D Landmarks
Building Interactions
Fleet Map
Map Customization
Truck Attributes
Congestion Zones
Venue Maps
Venues 3D
Online Car Routing
Online Pedestrian Routing
Online Bike Routing
Online Public Transit Routing - Estimated
Hybrid/Offline Car Routing
Hybrid/Offline Pedestrian Routing
Hybrid/Offline Bike Routing
Hybrid/Offline Transit Routing - Estimated
Traffic Enabled Car Routing
Public Transit Routing - Timetable
Truck Routing
Online Geocoding
Online Reverse Geocoding
Hybrid/Offline Geocoding
Hybrid/Offline Reverse Geocoding
Online Place Search
Online Category Search
Online Place Information
Hybrid/Offline Place Search
Hybrid/Offline Category Search
Fleet Telematics Custom Locations
Historical Speed Patterns Tiles
Real Time Traffic on Map
Traffic Info (incidents and flow)
Basic Drive Navigation
Advanced Drive Navigation
Walk Navigation
Indoor Positioning
Network Positioning (Android Only)
Fleet Telematics Toll Costs
Electronic Horizon

HERE Mobile SDK for Tizen is exclusively licensed to Mobile OEMs. For more information, please contact us.