Traffic API Developer's Guide

Filtering Traffic Flow Data

You can use the flow resource to request traffic flow data containing speed and congestion ("jam factor") information for a geospatial area. The response data format is either XML or JSON.

Geospatial Inclusion

The service supports the following geospatial filters (addressing schemes):

  • quadkey
  • [Z]/[X]/[Y]
  • bounding box (bbox)
  • proximity (prox)
  • corridor

For more information about these filters, see Selecting a Request Pattern.

Note: Response only include subcomponents of roadway items (RW) that fall within the geospatial address.

Content Filters

By default, a response contains all the available flow information for the specified spatial filter. It is, however, possible to add a further filter based on the functional class of the road through the parameter maxfunctionalclass, and a filter for minimum and maximum jam factor values through the parameters minjamfactor and maxjamfactor.