The HERE platform provides different levels of access control, as follows:


There can be multiple admins within an organization and each organization must have at least one admin.

Note: Limited Admin Rights in Beta Period

During the Beta period of the HERE platform, admins cannot delete users. If you need to revoke a user's access, contact HERE Customer Support. For instructions on how to revoke admin rights from a user, see Manage Users.

To perform admin tasks, open the Access Manager from the Launcher.

The Access Manager contains four tabs as follows:

  • Users lists the names, email addresses and roles of all HERE platform users in your organization. For information on how to invite users to an organization and how to make a user an admin, see Invite Users.

  • The Pending invitations tab lists the emails and names of everyone invited to your organization who has not completed registration yet. The list also contains the date when you sent the invitation.

  • The Groups tab lists the names, and IDs of all groups in your organization. For information on managing groups, see Manage Groups.

  • The Apps tab lists the names and IDs of all apps in your organization.

Each of these tabs displays the number of entries and contains controls to search and to page through entries.


An Organization (Org) scopes all the users, apps, resources within the same security namespace. When you log into as an HERE platform user, enter the relevant Organization ID.


A project is an access controlled collection of resources (catalogs, pipelines and schemas). Usage of all of the resources in a project is automatically reported by Project ID on the HERE platform Credit Usage report. Any user can create new projects. Both Org Admins and Project Admins can manage projects. For more information, see Manage Projects.


A group is a collection of users and apps. Any user can create new groups. Both Org Admins and Group Admins can manage group memberships. For more information, see Manage Groups.

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