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The Data SDK for Python is a wrapper for a well known open source set of analytics and data engineering tools that have been modified to work with HERE data.

This Data SDK contains:

  1. Data SDK for Python - Core: Extends the functionality of HERE's platform to Python users. It also includes helpers to access other useful HERE services, such as HERE Location Services.
  2. Data SDK for Python - Analytics: Extends the core functionality to enable exploration, analysis and visualization of HERE platform data in your own environment using Jupyter and Python.
  3. HERE MLflow Plugin: Manage Machine Learning (ML) experiments on the platform and share with others, or make it available on the HERE Marketplace.
  4. Data SDK for Python with Spark: Enables Spark job execution using HERE's platform services. Its installation and configuration is optional for users seeking to use advanced distributed computing.

To install and configure these SDKs, first complete the Credentials Setup.

To install the Data SDK for Python - Core module, set up Data SDK for Python - Core.

To install Data SDK for Python - Analytics, set up Data SDK for Python - Analytics.

To install HERE MLflow Plugin, set up HERE MLflow Plugin.

Lastly, for advanced usage with Spark, set up Data SDK for Python with Spark.

Build Your Own Docker

To build a docker image for these SDKs, first complete the Credentials Setup.

Next, build the Docker Image.

Supported Operating Systems

The SDK and this installation guide currently supports Windows, MacOS and Linux distributions.


If you have any problem deploying the Data SDK for Python, please refer to the Troubleshooting Section.


Copyright (C) 2019-2020 HERE Global B.V. See the LICENSE file in the root of this project for license details

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