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Optimized Map for Analytics Data Specification

What is the HERE Platform Optimized Map for Analytics (OMA)?

HERE Map Content is the Catalog which contains rich location data, including a model of the road network and layers for its relevant attributes.

It also provides different representations of the data in HERE Map Content, optimized for specific use cases. These optimized maps are compiled from HERE Map Content, so that they have many of the same characteristics including worldwide coverage, versioning, consistency, and rich attributes. However, they are reformatted into different data models to facilitate use cases such as rendering a vector tile base map (Optimized Map for Visualization), or map matching and clustering (Optimized Map for Location Libraries).

The Optimized Map for Analytics (OMA) is an alternative representation of HERE Map Content to facilitate data analysis. OMA provides a denormalized tabular version of HERE Map Content, providing simplified additional layers and attributes in your analysis through the use of simple relationships (global foreign keys and primary keys).

OMA currently supports analysis of road attributes and includes content from the following HERE Map Content layers:

  • Road Topology and Geometry
  • Road Attributes
  • Navigation Attributes (premium content)
  • ADAS Attributes (premium content)