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Optimized Map for Analytics Data Specification

Differences between OMA and HERE Map Content

  • HERE Map Content is a highly structured data model, with complex relationships (segment anchors, segment indexes)
  • OMA is a flat representation using simple relationships (global foreign keys, primary keys) supporting natural filters and joins across attributes/layers
  • OMA uses the GeoJSON format to represent geometries (points, segments, polygons)
  • OMA contains a subset of HERE Map Content. Currently, OMA includes the following layers of HERE Map Content catalog:
    • Road Topology and Geometry Layer
    • Road Attributes Layer
    • Navigation Attributes Layer
    • ADAS Attributes Layer
    • Other layers will be prioritized based on customer feedback and demand.

HERE Map Content Layers Not Included in OMA

  • 3D Buildings
  • Address Attributes
  • Address Locations
  • Administrative Locations
  • Administrative Location Index
  • Administrative Places
  • Advanced Navigation Attributes
  • Building Footprints
  • Building Metadata
  • Cartography
  • Cartography Metadata
  • Distance Markers
  • Environmental Zones
  • HERE Places
  • Lane Attributes
  • Navigation Attributes
    • Junction Divider
  • Places for HERE Essential Map
  • Places Metadata
  • Road Traffic Pattern Attributes
  • Sign Text
  • Street Names
  • Traffic Patterns
  • Truck Attributes