Geocoder API China - BETA Developer's Guide

Constructing a Request

A request to the Geocoder API China - BETA includes the basic elements shown in the following table and, in addition, it may contain resource-specific parameters.

Table 1. Basic request elements
Element Value/Example Description

Base URL

Production environment only








GET only except for multi-reversegeocode (POST), specify request details via query parameters.

Format specifier



Specifies whether XML or JSON output is required. The format specifier must follow the resource name, for example: .../geocode.xml?...

The default output format is XML.

Application Code

&app_code={YOUR_APP_CODE} Substitute your own unique app_code.

Application Id

&app_id={YOUR_APP_ID} Substitute your own unique app_id.

The following geocoding request combines the elements from the table above and adds the parameter searchtext. The request specifies that the required output is XML.

For further information, see: