In the HERE platform, the base URL for a REST API is unique for each HERE Resource Name (HRN) served by the API. This means that instead of having static base URLs for each API, the HERE platform generates a unique base URL for each API for every HRN. For example, the base URL for the publish API for catalog A is different from the base URL for the publish API for catalog B.

Why Use

Use the api-lookup service to get the base URLs for REST APIs. This service can return all platform-level APIs, or all APIs for a given HRN, or information about specific APIs. For each API returned by the service, the following information is provided:

  • The API name
  • The API version
  • The base URL
  • Any parameters that the API accepts

Once you have the base URLs you can cache them and use them repeatedly. You do not need to perform an API lookup each time you make a request to an API.

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