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HERE Geocoding API provides high precision matching of coordinates and addresses.

HERE Geocoder features

Geocoding, high-performance reverse geocoding, multi-reverse geocoding as well as support for address ranges and fuzzy search

Geocoding API code samples

See how to build a request to get a map over a certain location.

Additional powerful HERE location services

Rich location features and functions for mapping, directions, places, traffic and guidance

Advanced Features

Platform Extensions with additional data and functionality for use with HERE REST API services.

About HERE Technologies

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HERE is the leading independent and pure/play location services provider enabling 4 out of 5 in/car navigation systems in North America and Europe and powering enterprise solutions for industry leads.

HERE has been in the location business for the last 30 years and has built one of the most accurate maps in the world.

Trusted by industry-leading teams for over 30 years

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