Hands On

Integrate the Smartcar API in Your Next HERE Location Services Web Application

By Nic Raboy | 17 July 2019

In preparation for the HackMobility event coming up in San Francisco, I thought I’d take a moment to familiarize myself with some of the themes and organizations making an appearance at the event. This lead me to Smartcar, a service that lets you connect your applications to your vehicles with no additional hardware.


Announcing the new JavaScript API 3.1

By Richard Süselbeck | 12 July 2019

Today we are excited to announce the brand-new version 3.1 of our JavaScript API, which delivers a whole host of new features and capabilities. Let's have a closer look using the magic of the Graphics Interchange Format's Graphics Control Extension (aka "animated GIFs"). First, the maps displayed by our JavaScript API 3.1 are now powered by vector tiles. This means you can now tilt the map, rotate the map and there are no more fixed zoom levels. Look!