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Searching for Points of Interest with the HERE Places API in a Vue.js Application

By Nic Raboy | 18 October 2018

When I’m looking at a map, I’m typically using it for two reasons. I’m either trying to navigate between two points or I’m trying to find a certain point of interest on the map. HERE provides an API for finding nearby places using REST and JavaScript, but what if you wanted to use a modern framework? Previously I had written a tutorial titled, Displaying Places on a HERE Map in an Angular Web Application which focused on Angular, but this time around we’re going to focus on Vue.js.

Release Notes

October Release Highlights

By Denis Panov | 16 October 2018

Many minor updates and fixes across the board but a few noteworthy changes related to the following services: Batch Geocoder API, Routing API, Fleet Telematics API, Fleet Telematics Route Matching, and the Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS.


Making Maps with HERE XYZ

By Jayson DeLancey | 01 October 2018